Ancient wisdom

Healing Tao exercises are so effective that they have been passed down from generation to generation for over 5,000 years. They are simple to perform and can be done by anyone, whatever your fitness level.

Healing Tao can be described as:

  • Mindfulness for the body

  • Meditation in movement

  • Conscious movements

  • Internal chi kung

  • Inner alchemy

Grandmaster Chia

Grandmaster Mantak Chia (1944) brought this ancient Chinese body wisdom to the West. He gave the exercises the overarching name Healing Tao – the word ‘Tao’ refers to its taoistic roots and ‘Healing’ to the stimulation of the body’s self-healing capacity.

With Master Chia

The inner smile

You are part of nature and this is reflected in your body. You can easily stimulate your natural health with Taoist chi kungs (energy exercises), such as

  • Balancing the five elements (for happiness and longevity)
  • Activating the inner smile (destresses the nervous system)
  • Charging your kidneys (your battery)
  • Activating the three inner fires (for focused centredness)
  • Activating the lower tantien (for grounded presence)
  • Transforming old chi (energy) into vitality
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With Fabienne Flamand

The Tao of the Moon Woman

‘Le Tao de la Femme Lune’ is French for The Tao of the Moon Woman. Just as the masculine is ruled by the sun (fire, yang), the feminine is influenced by the moon (water, yin). Healing Tao offers various exercises and meditations in order to connect with the essence of being a woman. Frenchwoman Fabienne Flamand, senior Healing Tao teacher, developed a more feminine approach which she calls Le Tao de la Femme Lune.

I studied with Fabienne as well as Master Chia and in my lessons you will receive a broad and efficient combination of both approaches.

Benefits – Internal strength

You can see your body as a vessel for storing energy (chi), but you need to know where to store it. Healing Tao exercises are very simple and focus on the internal body, rather than the performance of a sequence of movements. This is what makes Healing Tao unique and different from other chi kung forms. Healing Tao:

  • Reduces stress
  • Recharges your batteries
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Makes your body happy
  • Activates your self-healing abilities

My classes are for women only. Specific benefits to women include:

  • A beautiful, radiant skin

  • Strong bones

  • Pelvic floor awareness

  • Gentle feminine power

  • Connection with your feminine essence

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