About the lessons

No prior experience is required unless requested in the lesson description. You learn by doing. Tao Moments are simple, effective and wonderfully enjoyable.

A laptop or tablet is ideal for an online lesson, though it is also possible with a smartphone. All you need is a stable internet connection, a chair and a few square meters to move around freely. Also good to have are: comfy clothes in which you can move easily, a bottle of water and thick socks or soft shoes you wear indoors.

You can find more information about the weekly online boost here.

In a 1 on 1 lesson you get personalized attention and all exercises are adapted to your individual needs, ability, and pace. It is an ideal way to get to know Healing Tao in peace. Private lessons are also used to deepen certain aspects. I give them both online and on location (in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

You can find out more about my 1 on 1 lessons here.

In some lessons we use a bamboo or rattan hitter. This is a rod that we use to ‘hit’ our skin and bones. It can be done very gently or also more firmly. Working with the hitter gives beautiful skin, strong bones and a wonderful boost to your circulation. I have hitters for sale should you wish to purchase one.


Yawning, watery eyes and even belching are good signs. They are symptoms of your body releasing old chi (energy), so please don’t suppress them.
If you regularly do Healing Tao, you will rapidly notice a radiant glow. Often the skin starts to shine first, followed by a general appearance of health and well-being. The more Tao Moments you incorporate into your daily life, the more your body becomes balanced, healthy and charged with chi (energy), and the more you will glow.

Sport has a different approach than Healing Tao. Sports often involves increasing your stamina and/or wanting to shape your body a certain way. With Healing Tao, you also work on your body but:

  • we never push our limits or experience pain,
  • we focus our attention on the inner body instead of the outer,
  • we recharge our inner batteries,
  • we become more grounded,
  • we transform old energy (chi) into vitality.

It is of course great if you are healthy and in top shape, but this is not a pre-requisite. Healing Tao greatly contributes to:

  • building your health,
  • regaining your health after illness,
  • investing in boosting your immune system.

Should you have questions related to participating in your specific condition, please contact me so we can discuss this.

Almost all exercises can also be done sitting and even lying down. Should you have questions related to participating in your specific condition, please contact me so we can discuss this.

Do you have an additional question? Feel free to ask it here.