You really know what you’re doing

‘I enjoyed the Tao Pamper Day. You do it so well! In all simplicity and genuine commitment, and you really know what you’re doing. That inspires confidence and influences how I experience the exercises. It’s a great gift, thank you for it!’

It’s like taking an inner shower

‘I feel so much better after a lesson, it’s like taking an inner shower! For example, today I came to the course with pain in my eyes and now, an hour and a half later, I feel completely refreshed again.’

So lovely to have a warm belly

‘Thanks for the wonderful lesson yesterday! I’m so happy that I can participate again. I woke up last night and could really feel my warm belly, it was a lovely relaxed feeling.’

I miss the Tao-hours during the holidays

‘Glad the holiday is over. I really missed those Tao-hours for myself.’

I woke up feeling good again

‘Hi Harriet, I woke up this morning feeling good again, thanks to the class last night and to your great feedback.’

A great discovery for body and mind

‘The Tao-course has taught me to be more aware of my strength and vulnerability and makes it easier to act in different situations. I can more easily let go of negativity and feel more energetic. In short, very enjoyable and a great discovery for my body and mind.’

As if I have a mother again

It’s like having a mother again, the exercises are so gentle, so nurturing.’

You manage to surprise me every time

‘I noticed from the first training how good it feels to take TAO-lessons with you. You adapt it so beautifully to those present. Your level of attention is ideal and your humor most welcome. We can clearly see, as participants, how relaxed we have each become by the end of the lesson.’

I had forgotten I could feel calm too

‘I came feeling totally tense to the Tao Pamper Day. During the last month I had a lot of headaches and ringing in my ears, as if a swarm of bees were buzzing around my brain all day long. Your Tao-day has brought me back to Earth again. The storm in my head has subsided. What a relief, I no longer knew I could be calm too. Since this day I feel so wonderfully balanced, content and satisfied.’

You see the humor in the exercises

‘I think it is most important to put things into perspective. That the lessons are not only serious, but that you can also see the humor in what we are doing.’

I cannot do without anymore

‘When I participated for the first time, I was very skeptical. But immediately after the first lesson I knew: this is good, it works! And now 3.5 years later, I can’t live without Healing Tao.’

You teach from your heart

‘Thank you for all your lessons this past season. They have done me a lot of good, I find the lessons very enjoyable and profound, and after class I always have to laugh at the beautiful childlike expression on every face. You give the lessons from your heart and with great pleasure, and it is noticeable. Each class you touch a point in me that brings me something. You recently said: “Put your inner smile in that part of yourself that doesn’t understand something yet, or that you’re having trouble with”. It really works, I apply it in everything in everyday life. Already looking forward to starting up again after the summer Harriët.’

You gave me so much

‘I’m so glad I met you. Really! You gave me a lot in your lessons. You are very special, you know.’

Sleeping like a baby

‘After class I always sleep like a baby for a few nights. I’m usually a bad sleeper.’

Clear and to the point

‘Harriet, you always explain everything so clearly and to the point. You are an excellent teacher!’

I use the inner smile in my work

‘I apply the inner smile during the massages I give. My customers notice this immediately: my hands feel nicer.’