About me

I love teaching

I am a certified Healing Tao instructor and an associate instructor of ‘The Tao of the Moon Woman’ and teach women only. From my very first try-out lesson in January 2007, the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of Healing Tao had me hooked…

Since then I practice this vitalizing form of bodywork enthusiastically and intensively. I am based in the Netherlands and teach online and in Amsterdam.

I trained and still train with an array of inspiring teachers, such as of course grandmaster Mantak Chia, Fabienne Flamand (the woman behind Le Tao de la Femme Lune), Michael Winn, Barry Spendlove, and various Healing Tao teachers in the Netherlands, such as Inge Maassen, Birgit Haberkamp, Dirkje Veltman and Eva van der Plas. Arri Berghout was my first, fantastic, attentive and committed example.

Background in journalism

Health, spirituality, and self-development have always been top interests of mine. I felt my life broaden through my studies in Cultural Anthropology (MA), my Post-Doctoral Training in Journalism and career as a journalist, editor-in-chief and author. Slowly but surely, I became aware that a human being is much more than the sum of physical plus rationality. I started to see that humans consist of four pillars:

  • The physical
  • The emotional
  • The mental
  • The spiritual

Only if we acknowledge, live and manifest all pillars, can we be healthy and in balance. Healing Tao is perfect for balancing, revitalizing, and recharging your physical vessel. Not only that, Taoist chi kungs also work on the three other pillars and even balance them as well.

I love passing on the fruits of my interests and rich life experience.

To my lessons

My other work

Healing Tao keeps me grounded and full of vitality for my other work. I’m a renowned energy therapist and healer and have founded the worldwide Divine Plan Healing School.


Divine Plan Healing School