With each Tao Moment,
you invest in your life force


  • Reduces stress
  • Recharges your batteries
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Makes your body happy
  • Activates your self-healing abilities

Ancient wisdom

Healing Tao exercises are so effective that they have been passed down from generation to generation for over 5,000 years. They are simple to perform and can be done by anyone, whatever your fitness level. Healing Tao can be described as:


Lessons for women of all ages, beginners and advanced. No experience needed.

  • Online
  • Private

How can I join?

Online summer classes – free trial

This summer, you can join the online Life Force Boost every Thursday afternoon, a perfect mid-day break for women of all ages. Increase your chi, even in the holiday months! These individual lessons are from 4 to 5 pm CET (Amsterdam time), so you beat the afternoon dip and get the most out of your day. Both beginners and advanced are welcome at this weekly boost, the effects of which last for days. Take a free trial lesson! (You don’t have to be able to sit cross-legged.)

Private lesson

Would you like one or more lessons tailor-made to your specific wishes or needs? Then a private lesson is ideal! This can be done online with live video (Skype or Zoom) and on location (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Seated lessons are also possible.

It’s like taking an inner shower

‘I feel so much better after a lesson, it’s like taking an inner shower! For example, today I came to the course with pain in my eyes and now, an hour and a half later, I feel completely refreshed again.’

I had forgotten I could feel calm too

‘I came feeling totally tense to the Tao Pamper Day. During the last month I had a lot of headaches and ringing in my ears, as if a swarm of bees were buzzing around my brain all day long. Your Tao-day has brought me back to Earth again. The storm in my head has subsided. What a relief, I no longer knew I could be calm too. Since this day I feel so wonderfully balanced, content and satisfied.’


As if I have a mother again

‘It’s like having a mother again, the exercises are so gentle, so nurturing.’

You manage to surprise me every time

‘I noticed from the first training how good it feels to take TAO-lessons with you. You adapt it so beautifully to those present. Your level of attention is ideal and your humor most welcome. We can clearly see, as participants, how relaxed we have each become by the end of the lesson.’

You really know what you’re doing

‘I enjoyed the Tao Pamper Day. You do it so well! In all simplicity and genuine commitment, and you really know what you’re doing. That inspires confidence and influences how I experience the exercises. It’s a great gift, thank you for it!’


About me

I am a certified Healing Tao instructor and an associate instructor of ‘The Tao of the Moon Woman’ and teach women only. From my very first try-out lesson in January 2007, the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of Healing Tao had me hooked. Since then I practice this vitalizing form of bodywork enthusiastically and intensively. Healing Tao keeps me grounded and full of vitality for my other work. I am a renowned energy therapist and healer, and founder of the global Divine Plan Healing School. I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I teach online and on location.

Ask a question

Would you like more information or do you have questions, for example about your health in combination with Healing Tao? Please contact me, I’m here for you.

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